Ms Samantha Mann


Ms Samantha Mann


Winner: fringe spirit/audience favourite norway 2017

Winner: Grand Prix Stockholm 2016

Winner: Best Individual Performer (Comedy), Buxton 2016

Winner: 'Merv' Spirit Of The Fringe Award, Edinburgh 2014


Charles Adrian's alter-ego Ms Samantha Mann is an award-winning Librarian, Spoken Word Artist and trainee Agony Aunt. Her debut solo show Stories About Love, Death & A Rabbit won her a 'Merv' Spirit Of The Fringe Award at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a Grand Prix at the 2016 Stockholm Fringe Festival, a Fringe Spirit/Audience Favourite Award at the 2017 Norway Fringe Festival and nominations for Best English Comedy (Laugh Out Loud) and Best English Production (Centaur Theatre) at the 2018 St Ambroise Montréal Fringe Festival while her follow-up show Dear Samantha has brought her a nomination for Best Comedy Event at the 2018 Buxton Fringe Festival.

Ms Samantha Mann has been described as "a minutely observed comic creation for those who love cringe humour" (Roger Cox, The Scotsman) and "charming with an acerbic underside" (Ian Parker Heath, Buxton Fringe Review). Of her show Stories About Love, Death & A Rabbit, Rachel Levine of Montréal Rampage wrote: “Shows like this are good art. They remind us that everyone matters, that the universe would be less without any one of us.”

Ms Samantha Mann answers dilemmas on her YouTube channel. You can watch her Christmas Special below.

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(Photo by Katherine Leedale)